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KPearPC is PearPC 0.4pre_cvs with AltiVec support, precompiled for Linux, plus a little graphical interface. Note that kmdr-executor must be installed in a recent version.

You can download it from http://klik.atekon.de/cmg/kpearpc.cmg

On klik-enabled systems (e.g., Kanotix) you can directly run it from this link, on all other systems you must unpack the cmg file, e.g. to /opt

/usr/sbin/cramfsck -vx /opt/kpearpc ~/kpearpc.cmg

You can then run it using /opt/kpearpc/wrapper

KPearPC is released under the GPL. Please send me your improvements/contributions.

PearPC binary builds for Linux

Can be found here.



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